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Где и когда

Старт 1 апреля 15:00
Награждение 2 апреля

9 STEPS To Take Part In The Siberian Power Show

This competition is open for all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations from all over the world. Membership in the IFBB national federation is a prerequisite.

1. You decide you are interested to come

Send an email informing us that you would like to take part in the Siberian Power Show
E-mail: info@siberianpowershow.ru

2. We will respond to you soon

We will send the application form to your
E-mail which you should fill in according to your visa information

3. Check your IFBB membership

You fill in the application form and contact your National IFBB federation to be included as a participant from your country

4. Go to https://ifbb.com/

Find us and apply online
You can follow this link https://ifbb.com/competition-registration

5. Procedures on how to enter in Russia

Prepare all necessary documents for visa application (for detailed information, please visit the website of the Russian embassy in your country)
The Russian Foreign Ministry will apply a special facilitated visa procedure for all categories ofparticipants of the Siberian Power Show

6. Documents

Send us the following documents to visa@siberianpowershow.ru
- Application form
- Passport copy

7. Wait your telex number

We will send you a telex number in response once your application has been processed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
As the above visa procedure is exceptional, it is necessary to mention that the application is for the Russian visa to attend the Siberian Power Show 2022

8. Almost done

You can now apply for a visa in your own country. Prepare all necessary documents and inform the Russian Federation Consulate with your telex number. They may ask for your Covid-19 test results (please check with the office where you are applying)

9. Welcome

Get your visa and welcome to the Siberian Power Show 2022, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Have the confidence to know that you will get through this tough first stage and find success sooner than you think.